Honey Sales Program with Carolina Sundries

The Alamance County Beekeepers honey sales program, a partnership with Carolina Sundries, is an opportunity for members to have a public space to sell their honey. The ACB will facilitate the program and is responsible for paying the members for their product and collecting payment from CS.

Program Details

Members will be added to the participant list on a first come, first served basis. As Carolina Sundries asks for more product, the next person on the list will be first to have the opportunity to participate. This program is designed to allow everyone an opportunity to participate and provide Carolina Sundries different honey from different members.

The maximum number of jars a member will be asked to deliver is twelve (12). Members will be notified via phone/email/text and must respond back within 24 hours to the order request. If the total Carolina Sundries request is more than 12 jars, multiple members will be notified, and the order will be split as equitably as possible. 

Once they have participated, members will move to the bottom of the list and will be contacted again when next they appear at the top of the list.

If a member cannot fulfill the order, or does not respond to the order request, they will be placed at the bottom of the list and will be contacted again when they next appear at the top of the list.

Participation Requirements

  • Must me a member of ACB and dues must be current
  • Member must have a minimum of six jars on hand.
  • Member must reply back to the club they can fulfill the order within 24 hours of notification
  • Member must deliver the product to Carolina Sundries by the due date (typically 2-3 days from notification)
  • Member must notify the club ASAP if they can only partially fulfill the order or not at all.
  • Labeling must meet all NC standards.
  • Members that use Certified Honey Producer labels must be current with the state certification program. If the member is not current, the label cannot be used until they renew with the state.

In order to participate, members must review and sign ACB Honey Sales Program with Carolina Sundries acknowledgement form. They signed form must be emailed to the ACB treasurer.

Product Requirements

The type of jar does not matter, nor the label, as long as it is a one-pound jar.

The label must contain all the required information, by the state, to sell your honey.

  • Must say “Honey”
  • Type of honey – most likely it will say “Wildflower Honey” or “Raw Honey” (Unless you have documentation to prove otherwise. Please note, there will be no upcharge for sourwood, etc. at this time.)
  • Weight of honey in ounces/pounds and grams.
  • Name of producer – your name/farm name
  • Address of the producer (including zip code)
  • Do not include “Organic” on the label

The top of the jar lid should not be labeled as an ACB label will go there. This label will either be given directly to the member to affix to the lid or added later at Carolina Sundries by an ACB representative.

If using a certified label, affix it to the front of the jar.

Please make sure honey has not crystalized and is clean and pure. Please use labeling that is clear (printed) and consistent.

Payment Details

After the ACB member has dropped the jars off at Carolina Sundries, they will notify the treasurer who will arrange for you to be paid via check or payPal. Please allow a few days for a check to be processed and mailed. There is a 4% fee (based on the sales total) for using PayPal which will be subtracted from your total sales. Invoicing the club is also fine, but any fees will be subtracted from the members total sales. Carolina Sundries will not be paying any club members directly. 

If you have any questions, or wish to opt-in or opt-out, email the ACB Treasurer. Please do not contact Carolina Sundries!