NC State Guide to Native Bees

Here is a “honey” of a bee book that can be a guide to the identification of some of the more than 500 “other” North Carolina bee species visiting the flowers in pollination gardens or flower beds. The guide is available as a free PDF. (Paperback copies are also available for $14.) It’s published by UNC Press for NC State …

Honey Bee Nutrition guide

The Honey Bee Health Coalition has published an updated version of Honey Bee Nutrition: A Review and Guide to Supplemental Feeding. This short guide is jam-packed with useful information and worth your time.

Check Your Mite Loads

The Honey Bee Health Coalition (HBHC) has a new blog post highlighting Dr. Katie Lee’s research on spring mite loads as well as a timely reminder to monitor your colonies. Worth a read! Also worth your time, HBHC’s Tools for Varroa Management Guide.

Burlington Christmas Parade

Once again, the Alamance County Beekeepers were represented at Burlington’s annual Christmas parade, held this past Saturday, November 19. Ira Poston and Mike Ross and family were among the members parading with their veils and smokers.

Reading a Hive

Take the time to watch this talk on “Reading a Hive” by Dr. Kirsten Traynor, given at the 2021 National Honey Show. Thanks to Geoff Leister for bringing this informative lecture to our attention.