Protecting Beehives During Hurricanes & Spray for Mosquito

Dr. David Tarpy, NCSU Professor and Extension Specialist, has provided this article Protective Measures of Beehives During Hurricanes and makes the following recommendations:

  • Strap down lid and hive components if they’re not propolized.
  • Reduce hive wind profile by removing unnecessary boxes (feeders, for example).
  • Hives should be at ground level or on sturdy stands. Be sure solid bottom boards are tilted to let rain out.
  • Consider relocating hives. Are your hives in danger of limbs or trees falling on them? 
  • Move hives from low-lying areas if there’s a flooding danger; bees will drown.
  • Register your hives at DriftWatch so you’ll be notified if spraying for mosquitos commences.

Thanks to Debbie Roos, Agricultural Extension Agent, Chatham County Center, for the links and to Jason Williams, Pesticide Operations Specialist, NCDA&CS-SPCAP, for bringing our attention to Bee Kind if You Spray for Mosquitoes, authored by Dr. Michael Waldvogel, Extension Specialist, Entomology & Plant Pathology, NCSU.