Swarm Responder

Welcome to Alamance County Swarm Responders temporary post.

If you are requesting that a swarm of bees (honey bees ONLY) be removed from your property in Alamance County, North Carolina, and surrounding areas, please contact: Jeff Telander at 919-618-8094. He will then call the nearest available local beekeeper to come and collect the swarm.

We only remove honey bees and NOT carpenter bees, yellow jackets, wasps, hornets, or bumblebees.

Things a Jeff will ask!

1. Are they honey bees?
2. When were they noticed?
3. What has been done?
4. Has any pesticide been used?
5. Has anyone else been called?
6. Has anyone been stung? Might indicate an aggressive (dry) swarm.
7. How large is the cluster/swarm? Basketball or softball size?
8. Where is it, specifically?
9. How high up are they?
10. Do you plan to call someone else?
11. Do we have permission to collect the bees?
12. Is this your property? Give me specific directions to get to the swarm site.